GeoMonday 2016.3 – VR is dead, long live AR!


The hype about VR is in full swing. There is hardly any other technology, that dominates the Entertainment market to that extent. There are basically two species of VR goggles. Most of them are wired or connected to smartphones, which are commonly used in the entertainment industry. AR technology is mainly used to enrich print media or in marketing. Usually this is achieved through the usage of smartphones. Several manufactures offer AR glasses, which could not get a hold in the market. AR lead a niche existence compared to VR. In spite of these leading signs, Robert Meyer states, that the future is AR and VR is obsolete by now already. This presentation shows similarities and differences of the two technologies. We hope to discuss the potential of devices like the Microsoft HoloLens.

Robert Meyer is researcher at HTW Berlin –  Department of Informatics, Communicationrobert-meyer and Economics. Human-Computer-Interaction in virtual realities has been a core interest of Robert Meyer for years. The current thematic complex is based on the transition of game technology in business and industry applications. Robert Meyer is not only a developer but also has contributed to numerous scientific conceptions within this field.

One comment

  1. We are extremely delighted that Robert Meyer has joined us at alphaQuest (http// We’re an established BI and Data Science consultancy and excited about the revolutionary opportunities of Mixed Reality data interaction with Microsoft Hololens. A lot is about to happen, and we’ll be right in there.

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