GeoMonday the 2nd – GeoMonday meets WhereCamp Berlin and Berlin Pub Summit

GeoMonday the 2nd - header
We start the beginning of Summer in Berlin with a Big Bang! GeoMonday is part of the WhereCamp Berlin is coming home and this time some friends join as well. Berlin Pub Summit unifies the most innovative and successful Entrepreneurs from the Internet industry in one place.

Event facts:

  • Date: 21st of June, 6:30pm
  • Location: Beuth Halle in Haus Beuth, Lütticher Straße 38, 13353 Berlin, entrance at Limburger Straße
  • Nice to know: The event is at the Beuth university campus, which is quite big. Please follow the signs or ask some of the friendly students around. In case of urgency tweet to @GeoMonday.

We are still looking for talks. It would be great if you have an innovative talk about Location & Mapping to fit the spirit of the occasion. Please contact

Get your ticket here…

As an important side note, people registering to GeoMonday are automatically registered for Berlin Pub Summit!


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